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36 North New York Avenue
Huntington, NY11743

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Our Services

We provide expert assistance to our business and professional clients in the following areas:

Life Insurance

  • Buy/sell agreement funding – provide for an orderly transition of business interests in the event of the death, disability or separation of service of an owner or partner
  • Key person insurance – help cover financial losses due to the death of a business owner, partner or key employee
  • Family protection – provide a source of funds to take care of loved ones in your absence
  • Estate planning – provide funds to cover expense and liquidity needs, as well as death taxes for larger estates
  • Legacy planning – fund trusts for family members or charitable organizations

Disability Insurance

  • Income replacement – provide a source of income continuation in the event of long-term disability
  • Buyout – fund an agreement to purchase a disabled owner’s or partner’s interest in the company

Retirement Planning

  • Qualified plans – profit sharing plans, 401(k)s, defined benefit plans
  • IRAs, SEPs, SIMPLE plans
  • Non-qualified deferred compensation plans

Asset Allocation & Investment Management

Employee Benefits

  • Executive planning services
  • Group insurance plans (life, disability, long-term care, healthcare)