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36 North New York Avenue
Huntington, NY11743

Call Us: 631-271-4090

How We Are Different

Skill in discerning what is most important to our clients

Clients say that our greatest strength is our ability to sense what they’re thinking and understand what is most important to them, within a relatively short period of time.

This enables us to help you understand where you are, where you want to be and how to make the best choices to accomplish your goals.

Expertise as a diagnostician and problem solver

Because our specialty is serving owners of closely held businesses and professional practices, we have developed expertise in diagnosing and solving problems specific to them.

By asking just a few simple questions, we are generally able to zero in on what is likely to be the right fit or solution, based on what you want to accomplish.

Talent for coordinating and implementing solutions

Our knowledge, background and the relationships we’ve built with other professionals over the years enable us to coordinate and facilitate all parties involved to implement efficiently the most effective solutions to meet our clients’ needs.